Welcome to the World Of Board Craft web site, our aim is to be an on-line source for Gaming inspiration. We want to bring you the very best of board gaming, computer gaming, Sci-Fi fantasy and 3D art creations. We will bring you trade techniques on creating amazing terrain and scenery for your board gaming needs, Film memorabilia and art works, regular video tutorials and reviews. Our links page will have places you can buy your raw materials from to create your very own 3D gaming terrain and art works. If you have some of your own creations and would like them featured on our site feel free to contact us don't forget to send some pictures.

Our YouTube Channel is here.

We have finally launched our YouTube channel and have uploaded a series of Guild Wars 2 footage including Player Vs Player PVP games and World vs World WVW roaming clips.
You can check out our channel here: World of Board Craft - YouTube.

Below: A quick Karma clip from a recent Guild Wars 2,PVP match.